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About Stephanie, Family and Credentials

  • Currently serving as Oldham County Magistrate – District 6; elected by the people of Oldham County in 2018
  • Married to John for eighteen years and Mother to five wonderful children
  • United States Air Force Veteran; Proudly served her country and was honored to be deployed twice to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm/Operation Southern Watch; earned many ribbons and accolades one of which she is proud is the Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon; Stephanie is the third generation in her family to have served active duty
  • Magna Cum Laude graduate with Degree in Liberal Arts, State College of Florida; Studied Chemistry and Biology at the University of South Florida
  • Active member of Southeast Christian Church (since 2009), Crestwood Campus (since inception); passionate Christ-follower; supporter of Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center; mentor to new moms; advocate for Right to Life causes; founder of Louisville Moms Group
  • President, Carriage Hill Homeowners Association (12 years total service, to include past positions as Vice President and Secretary)
  • Concerned Oldham County Citizen and involved Community Advocate; consistent attendee of Study Review Committee at Planning and Zoning (non-voting contributor); attendee of nearly all public meetings regarding community disruption, drastic community changes, and community concerns

What I Have Done As Magistrate And What I Will Continue To Do

  • As the only Republican Female, only Mother, only Active Duty military veteran and youngest member of the Fiscal Court, I bring a perspective to the court that is just needed, and had been void of in the past. My unique experiences allow for this particular viewpoint to be at the table.
  • Four years ago, I pledged to VOTE MY VALUES and never be a “rubber stamp” vote and I have kept that promise. If re-elected I will continue to always listen and discern the issues that profoundly impact the citizens and character of Oldham County.
  • As a mother of five, it’s my passion to ensure that Oldham County, known as “Quietly Amazing,” will remain a special place where our children would like to return and raise their families.
  • On multiple occasions, I was in the minority on the court when I voted against haphazard building placement proposals that would (and have!) disturb and destroy the character and integrity of our county.
  • I worked with KYTC and other state agencies to install School Zone signals on KY 329 By-pass to guard the safety of our children.
  • As a freshman Magistrate, I was proud to cast my vote to make our county a Constitutional County, protecting our citizens’ right to bear arms.
  • I fought for and stood with the community to keep the Westport Park riverfront trees.
  • I will continue to work to incentivize small business growth in the county, encouraging local restaurants to open within Oldham County, while both continuing our “small town” feel and giving citizens variety.
  • I will continue to oppose unfair tax proposals.
  • Currently working to implement connectivity throughout the county through sidewalks and biking paths. A connected county is a healthy county and will continue to work at keeping Oldham County the healthiest county in the Commonwealth.
  • Only Oldham County Magistrate with a child attending Oldham County Public Schools.
  • As Chair of the Environmental, Recycling and Utilities Committee, I work with constituents to mitigate so many longstanding flooding issues throughout our district and county.
  • As a parent and Magistrate, I challenged the heavy hand of government and successfully advocated for the lifting of the OC school Mask Mandates. After I publicly expressed displeasure with our health department director for his continued recommendation of masks to the school superintendent, US Congressman Thomas Massie posted the clip of the exchange on his Twitter account. Two hours and 28K views later, Oldham County “reviewed our data” and our school mask mandates were lifted. We were the first of all the surrounding counties to do so.
  • Oldham County is the quintessential American and Kentucky County. It is my passion to help preserve, carefully develop, and logically steer it’s future, while preserving it’s past. After having the opportunity to travel the country through the military and our family business, I have seen first hand how incredibly well so many places preserve their character, charm and history, while allowing tourists plenty of opportunity to spend money.

Request for your vote and my Commitment to YOU

I respectfully ask for your vote for RE-ELECTION on May 17 and, if re-elected, I will humbly, honorably and gratefully continue to serve YOU to the best of my ability, bringing an accurate VOICE and REPRESENTATION to Fiscal Court for YOU, my neighbors, in District 6.

Volunteer on Steph’s Campaign

  • We would love to meet you in person and have you on board with the campaign to keep Steph on Fiscal Court. If you would like to be a part of TEAM: VOTE STEPH, please drop us a line, phone call or text!  volunteer@VoteSteph.com or 502-299-4500
  • One very tangible way to help the campaign is through monetary Donations.  Your donations are so very welcomed and appreciated.  You may send to Stephanie Hawkins – Candidate for Magistrate, PO Box 66, Crestwood, KY 40014 or to PNC Bank, account name: Stephanie Hawkins – Candidate for Magistrate
  • Another way to help the campaign is by having a sign in your yard and/or Oldham County business, to be taken down by a volunteer later in the week, after the election.
  • You may also purchase a t-shirt to wear around town!
Know that your service to the campaign will not go unnoticed and YOU CAN and WILL make a difference, with your VOICE!  Thank you in advance!!!

To Stay up to the Minute

To stay up to the minute on Steph’s Campaign, Speaking Engagements, Local Happenings she will be involved with, District 6 Concerns and General Oldham County Proposals, follow her on Facebook.
Follow The Campaign On Facebook